All products used at Indigo Nail Creations are carefully researched. We choose high quality products to help make your natural nails strong and stay healthy with less harmful ingredients. We also use disposable liners on all pedicures and use one time use files for all services. For nail polishes, we use CND Shellac, CND Shellac Luxe, Morgan Taylor, Dazzle Dry, and Zoya. We also use LCN, Qtica, Smart Spa, Dadi, and Keyano Aromatics product lines. Some additional information on these products are below.

Art of Beauty:

  • Zoya: Zoya makes the world’s longest wearing natural nail polish and nail care treatments. Big-10 free breathable formula free of: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutl, Toluene, Camphor, TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl, Tosylamide, and Lead.
  • Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm: Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm is the most intense cuticle therapy for severely dry cuticles, damaged cuticles and hang nails.
  • Qtica Smart Spa: A unique balance of vitamins, nutrients and essential oils creates the perfect hydrating line to help restore dry/damaged skin to a healthy condition and stimulates the senses through gentle Aromatherapy. Intense hydration lasts for hours. All Smart Spa products are paraben free.


CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) is the global leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty – including SHELLAC® Brand 14+ Day Nail Color.

  • CND™ SHELLAC™: 14+ Day Nail Color system features a Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat — and the exclusive CND™ LED Lamp. CND™ SHELLAC™ removes gently without filing or scraping to leave nails healthy.

Dazzle Dry

Long lasting chip free Dazzle Dry’s four-step nail polish care system delivers quick-drying, long-lasting nails without the use of abrasive chemicals or UV lighting. The hypoallergenic formula is free from animal byproducts and testing as well as toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, and camphor. Dazzle Dry is long-lasting, chipfree wear from 7-14 days. It is quick-drying and delivers hard-set, high-gloss nails in just 5 minutes without the use of UV lights. All products are made entirely of vegan ingredients and never tested on animals.

Famous Names:

  • Dadi’ Oil: This oil delivers flexibility, toughness and shine to the nail. Dadi’®Oil offers fast, non-greasy deep penetration and a clean, light aroma made up of 21 essential oils. The benefits of Dadi’ Oil include: absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply, enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness, long-lasting color stability, great moisturizer for the skin, and 95% certified organic.
  • Luxury Dadi’ Lotion: It is a quick penetrating, non-greasy, moisturizing hand and body lotion based on award-winning Dadi’ Oil. Dadi Lotion is packed with the highest-quality oils and nutrients, including: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Tocopherol (Natural Vit E). Luxury Dadi’ Lotion is sulfate and parabens free!
  • IBX: This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services. The IBX application process is designed for ultimate penetration into the nail plate. IBX is a new kind of salon service, offering professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability, starting from the INSIDE OUT.

Keyano Aromatics

Finest environmentally conscious pedicure products based upon the principles of Naturopathy and the concept of Thalassotherapy. To heal in harmony with the natural functions of the body, without harm, is the underlying principle of Naturopathy. Harvesting many essential ingredients directly from the sea, Keyano Aromatics embraces the concept of Thalassotherapy; the use of seawater and seaweeds in healing therapies.


  • Anti Age: Intensively nourishing treatment for dry and stressed skin. Stem cells of the sea fennel and elastin improve the skin’s structure as well as nourishing the skin with a special anti-aging ingredients complex to make skin feel velvety soft.
  • Urea Foot Series: The LCN Urea Foot Series offers optimum care for very dry and sensitive skin. Urea promotes rehydration of the skin — it is unmatched for its hydrating properties. What is urea? Urea is a compound found naturally in the human body and exists in every healthy cell! When the skin is dry, the natural content of the body’s urea is minimized. Specifically, urea can increase water content to the skin to an unbelievable level of 97.8%! Urea is often used medically for treatment of dry and thickened skin conditions associated with psoriasis, xerosis, ichtyosis, exzema, keratosis, keratoderma, corns and calluses, in addition to damaged, ingrown and devitalized nails.
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